God said, “And they shall rebuild the old ruins, they shall raise up the former desolations, and they shall repair the ruined cities, the desolation of many generations”. We believe that this is God’s mandate to Power of Love International Ministries. We are hoping to fulfill this by loving one child at a time.


Power of Love International Ministries is birthed in the ashes when all hope had gone. The time between the vision and birthing have been a very long winding journey where the valleys are deep and the mountains are steep. This journey to me seems like a combination of Joseph, Job, David and the wilderness experience for those who entered the Promised Land. I had come to a point when I began to question whether I really heard from God, I questioned my calling I even questioned my faith. I thought if I was following His guidance and am in the right place, why all the afflictions probably this is all me and no God in it. I felt confused at the same time comforted by His Word and the experiences Joseph, Job and David’s. Throughout the years I held on to His word.

God gave me a vision in 1995 while still a baby in the Lord. While I was worshiping in at home God spoke to me and told me to do what He had called to do. He said “I want you to go and visit prisoners and their families and help build bridges and bring healing to the families, go into hospitals and pray for the sick, work with the streets children, the orphans and the broken children and show them My love I want to put them in families. I was taken aback by all this; I couldn’t comprehend it. I was like ‘God I am not the right person I am just a baby Christian just delivered from evil spirits’. At that time there were even some mature Christians who looked at me as a woman delivered from demon possession; to them I wasn’t the right candidate to be used by God in any way. Another thing I struggled with was the prisoners’ part of the vision. I was like ‘how can God of love have anything to do with criminals’? This was mostly due to my ignorance of scriptures. This is why God says “My people perish because of lack of knowledge.” This is why we should take time to study the word of God. I thank God I was saved into a church that had solid teaching of the word; it’s only that I was still growing. Due to that lack of the word I portrayed a holier than thou attitude just like some people in the Christians who didn’t think I was the right candidate. My attitude did not please God at all and He rebuked me saying “just because you are not in prison does not mean were innocent” and pointed a few things in my past that were not pleasing to Him. He went on to say, if He had not sent His Son to die for my sins I would be just as condemned as the prisoners and it’s that revelation that transformed my whole life. I realised that works have nothing to do with His grace and love. He said “I will have mercy on whom I will have mercy, and I will have compassion on whom I will have compassion (Rom 9:15)”.Rom. 3:23 says “All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God” Who was I to question His providence?

I then decided to tell my then pastor about it and he humbly sat down with me and explained Matt. 25:35-37 to me. It’s not that I had not heard or read it before it just didn’t make sense to me at that time.
A few weeks after talking to my pastor while in a midweek service God spoke to me and asked me to go to the city Hospital and pray for the sick and I told Him I didn’t have supporting scriptures and He gave me just three scriptures and said He will be with me and I felt equipped and ready to go. On my first hospital visit the six people and some of their relatives received Christ as their Lord and saviour. When I realised the hunger and desperation of people out there I became determined to accomplish the assignment God had given me. I then started working with the children on the streets. This was the beginning of our compassions ministry in our church. I did all this with joy but one thing I had not yet done was prisoners and their families.

One afternoon while off work walking along Samora Machel Avenue, as I approached Julius Nyerere I suddenly started praying in tongues I couldn’t control it (imagine walking on a very busy City street and babbling a language others don’t understand). God said “Go to the prison fellowship office across the road” wow I had no idea where the prison fellowship office was let alone know about them. While still praying I crossed the busy road and walked and found myself standing at the entrance on side street. This is when I became a member of the prison fellowship ministry and began prison and family visits. I had opportunities to meet and mentor ex-prisoners. We also organised holiday and Christmas functions for the children of prisoners most who would never have such an opportunity. We made sure that every child got a Christmas present. These were the best times for me just watching those children having a good time it gave me joy and satisfaction. As a working single mother it wasn’t easy to juggle work, home and ministry but God gave me the grace and love to accomplish what I did in that season of my life which ended when I temporarily moved to another church before I coming to UK to study.

When God led me to go Bible College to study Theology I thought He was changing the course of my calling thinking that the vision I had was for the church I was in at that time and I was made to believe that my gifts will not work anywhere else. As God’s plan began unfolding bit by bit I realised that the devil wanted me to believe the lies. While in my second year God spoke to me once again regarding working with children and young people and I wasn’t happy about this and wrestled with God because to me it was too much. Again He wanted me to reach out to the broken children.

At college I had an opportunity to of ministering to a number of young people. My door was always open to them no matter how busy I was, I was always there to listen, counsel and pray with them.
After successfully completing my BA Honours in Biblical & Applied Theology, I went on to do Masters in Mission. I also became a youth Sunday school teacher in my church. After my MA graduation all hell broke loose, everything that had to go wrong went wrong. I had an accident, got sick become homeless, jobless and victimised. I entered into a time of uncertainty, terror, pain, fear and despair, helplessness; at the same time, a time of cleansing, breaking, character building and submission. I became like a child holding on to God, trusting and depending on Him even on smallest things. It was time of spiritual growth, learning the word of God at the feet of Jesus. A time of intimacy with God through praise, worship, prayer and revelation. I was in the potters hands and still am, because God hasn’t finished with me yet. He will surely complete the good work he has begun in me.

This is when my 1995 vision began to unfolding and God told me to start with Beauty for Ashes here in the UK. I am excited to finally enter into the beginning of another season of my ongoing journey in partnership with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

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